Call Changes

Once you can ring rounds reliably and keep your place, the next stage is to learn to become a change ringer.

The very first step is to ring call changes, where instead of following the same bell all the time, the conductor will change the order in which the bells ring, usually one change at a time by calling a bell to follow a different one and thus changing the order.

Before I go into this in detail, it’s worth making the point that there is nothing wrong with Call Changes.  Many ringers as they progress class call changes as a learning step only and as a fall-back when the band is a bit low in numbers to do anything else.  This is a myth and is really not true.

Some bands specialise in Call Changes and that is all they ring.  Their are competitions especially for call changes, and when ran well is often superior to method ringing (more on this later!) in sound and quality.  At Rayleigh, although we are a method oriented band, we often ring Call Changes as well as method when ringing for a Sunday service or for a wedding.