Named Changes on 12 Bells

Some bell orders have a name associated with them.  For example, the bells in order from front to back (1234567890ET) is called Rounds.  On this page are some of the named changes when ringing 12 bells, complete with audio of that change.  Each change is played twice (handstroke and backstroke).

Obviously, at Holy Trinity, Rayleigh we only have 8 bells, so you won’t ever hear any of these.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t get the opportunity to ring on more than 8 bells when ringing somewhere else.

Please note that the sounds are all computer generated but are in the same key as Rayleigh.

Rounds (1234567890ET)

Back Rounds A (E0987654321T)

Back Rounds B (TE0987654321)

Boogie Woogie (2579E641380T)

Burdett (213546879E0T)

Emmanuel (15926037E48T)

Exploding Tittums (675849302E1T)

Hagdyke (1256349078ET)

Inverted Whittingtons (135642E9780T)

Jacks (10E89674523T)

Jokers (1E098765432T)

Kings (E9753124680T)

Princes (E9753214680T)

Princesses (E9753214680T)

Priory (132547698E0T)

Queens (13579E24680T)

Ripple Tittums (31247568E90T)

See-Saw (6543217890ET)

Tittums (172839405E6T)

Whittingtons (531246E9780T)