Tower Open Day

On Monday 5th May, Rayleigh had it’s annual Tower Open day, giving the public the opportunity to climb the tower and find out a little about the bell ringing and how it all works.

After being advertised very well, including the tower being part of the BBC Essex Quest the day before hundreds of people turned up to climb the tower in groups of between 10 and 20 people, and it was steady and consistent all day.

The first stop was the ringing room where they were able to grab a seat and have a little rest and were treated to a 10-15 minute talk on what bell ringing is, demonstration of how we ring and answering any questions they might have before continuing to the top of the tower to enjoy the views.

It was a great event for the tower, the church and more importantly the art of Bell Ringing as a whole in Essex.  We hope most visitors went away happy and more informed.